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Pre-Order Your OMODA Today For a Limited O-Universe Package

Are you ready to join the O-Universe? Our team of experts has been hard at work crafting the most advanced, stylish, and high-performance vehicle on the market. And we're thrilled to offer you the chance to pre-order your very own OMODA today.

By placing R5 000 deposit (Refundable), you'll not only secure your spot in the exclusive OMODA owners club, but you'll also receive our incredible O-Universe Package, available for a limited time and first 100 owners only.

The Omoda Limited Package includes:

R10 000 Coupon
Pre-order your OMODA today and receive a R10,000 coupon towards your car payment. Enjoy peace of mind with our confidence in OMODA's exceptional design and innovative technology.
Bathu-Omoda Designed Sneakers
Exclusive to OMODA owners, our partnership with Bathu has resulted in a stylish and comfortable sneaker that perfectly complements your OMODA. Be one of the few to own this one-of-a-kind shoe.
Limited Omoda Launch Edition
Experience the OMODA C5 launch as one of the first 100 in South Africa. Each OMODER will be unique with a limited owner badge featuring your exclusive serial number, accompanying you on every journey.
Omoda Merch
As a proud member of the O-UNIVERSE, enjoy a premium speaker, exclusive cap, and flask set with our iconic logo. Experience the OMODA lifestyle with these exclusive accessories.